The images created by Illusive Vector Designs are original images designed and computer programmed in Python. I am a Minneapolis-based mathematician and designer and have been creating line images since I was young. Each design originates from a basic shape like a triangle, circle, square, or octagon. I use a series of straight lines within these shapes to create 2-dimensional designs that I find intriguing using mathematical concepts from Algebra II/Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Geometry, and Graph Theory. Some specific mathematical concepts I use are planar graphs, polar coordinates, parametric equations, and line intersections. After I draw a design by hand, I recreate it by coding it in Python to produce an electronic image, which I then use to create larger symmetrical images designed with different background and line color combinations. I hope you enjoy the designs!


*All Illusive Vector Design images are copyrighted 2017 by Armen Stromquist*